Curious About Minds

a series of square vinyl objects

The four editions of this series are all independent works by four compelling female artists who address the same fundamental questions. Starting from their personal positions, they examine, question and criticize the relationships between gender roles, norms and expectations in society – each in her own way in sound and image.

Square Vinyl, 7 *7 inches, 33 RPM, Single Sided, Limited Edition of 25 copies, numbered, Picture Lathe Disc / app. 6min.


This series is constantly growing. It has just been extended with a publication by Gaia Vincensini [more info]. ‘Swiss Music’ stems from a performance the artist did for the off-space Urgizzy in the ruins of Urgiz in Densbüren AG. More are in production, and the next one with Douna Lim and Théo Pesso should arrive any day now…(we can’t wait)