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Shipping and handling is a contribution to the real costs and don’t cover the effective amount. The order will be delivered by the Swiss Post via “Priority” shipping.

Priority Switzerland: 1 day
Priority Europe: 2-10 working days
Priority Worldwide: 5-20 working days

Please note that Switzerland is not a member of the EU! On that account, customs duties might be collected! Also the VAT may vary from country to country. The fixing of these taxes and duties is a federal affair and therefore cannot be affected, controlled or changed by activeRat.


Orders done on the activeRat website can be paid by PayPal and credit card (via the secure Stripe service). This is the safest and most effective way of payment for both the purchaser as well as activeRat. All payments from within Switzerland will be charged in Swiss Francs. All payments from outside of Switzerland will be charged at the then applicable bank exchange rate for the respective foreign currency. activeRat is not involved in determining the exchange rate.

• Customers with PayPal account: The shop automatically initiates the payment and transfers the customer directly to the PayPal website. The order will be processed by activeRat as soon as the payment is completed and confirmed. Before completion and confirmation the order remains pending.
• Payments can also be made via credit card payment (a secure way guaranteed by Stripe). As soon as the payment is completed and confirmed the order will be processed by activeRat. Before completion and confirmation the order remains pending.
If the credit card is not valid and the payment cannot be completed and confirmed, activeRat is authorised to refuse the delivery, also for any other or earlier contract with the same customer. activeRat is not liable for any damages or losses caused by this non-delivery.
• A direct payment into our bank account is also possible. In this case please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order will not be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account.

Shipping costs:

Switzerland: 36%, min. ChFr. 3.- / max. ChFr. 15.-
Europe: 70%, min. ChFr. 6.- / max. ChFr. 20.-
World: 70%, min. ChFr. 10.- / max. ChFr. 35.-

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Our prices and the delivery cost participation applied to your order may change from time to time. The current range of products and prices are displayed on our website. They are subject to special promotions and individual agreements.

Booksellers are requested to contact us, so that individual conditions can be agreed.

The presentation of the products in our online shop is not a binding contract offer on our part, but is only a non-binding invitation for the customer to order goods. By ordering the desired goods the customer makes a binding offer to enter into a sales contract.

When you place an order, we send you an e-mail with a receipt confirming your order and listing the details. (order confirmation)

In providing the goods for dispatch or by deliveries oft he goods by the publisher, the sales contract is regarded as closed.

The availability of the desired product is subject to alterations at any time. We reserve the right to refuse orders without giving reasons.

Until full payment of the delivered goods, the merchandise remains the property of activeRat.

If the merchandise arrives damaged, we will replace  it, if you let us know the latest within 24 hours from receipt of the product via e-mail and photo of the damaged goods. How to proceed with the damaged goods further, we will inform you. Please do not send us unsolicited goods back.

Merchandise with manufacturing defects or incorrect deliveries are exchanged at no cost to the customer and the cost of return will be refunded. The return must be accompanied by a copy oft he publisher’s order confirmation as well as the reason oft he return in written form.

Orders can be withdrawn within 14 days of receipt of goods in any form (email, letter or telephone) and the goods can be returned at the expense and risk of the customer. The return must include a copy of the publisher’s order confirmation.

Returns must be sent to the address from which the delivery of the goods was carried out. This is the return address on the package, or on the delivery note.