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10.5 x 12 cm on support. Screen/desktop pictures for computer and mobile phones and a sound piece by Guillaume Dénervaud, Yeji Lee, Thomas Koenig & Guillaume Foldz, Seyoung Yoon



“In the circle where the centre is everywhere and the periphery nowhere, there is dliƨƨ. dliƨƨ is a hybrid and never ending publication project that positions itself on the edge between the object and the virtual. Curated by Ceel Mogami de Haas, the collection consists of downloadable desktop images and sound pieces. This Clinamen and activerat co-edition happens during the exhibition a rose has teeth at one gee in fog.”

This is a happy co-edition with editions clinamen. Unfortunately we don’t have them anymore (it may be worth a try to contact Clinamen, and ask them if they have some left in stock…)

If you have a download card or a download code, you can download the wallpaper/sound files of dliƨƨ here.