Douna Lim and Théo Pesso – Lyrics (m.r.)

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Douna Lim and Théo Pesso – Lyrics (m.r.)

Square vinyl, 7 * 7 inch , 33 RPM, Single Sided, Limited Edition of 25,  numbered, picture disc / app. 6 min.

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Douna Lim and Théo Pesso – Lyrics (m.r.)

The basis of Lyrics (m.r.) goes back to the publication project ‘Lyrics by Melany Renotet’ by Douna Lim and Théo Pesso. In it, Lim performs a selection of six of her poems, to which Pesso has developed a composition. The piece evolves from a spoken word text that uses repetition, a trial and error approach to a form that suggests an alternation of inner and outer monologue, or even from one character to another. The meandering voice is enhanced in its changes by Pesso’s composition, while allowing the voice its space and supporting it in its fragmentation with unforeseen bits of words and rhythmic changes, and playing along with opposing superimpositions.

The focus of Douna Lim and Théo Pesso’s collaboration, which began in 2014, has shifted in recent years from visual art to film and performance. At the centre of their work is an exploration of technical methods of image and text production and their influence on our view of the world.



Lim Pesso – Lyrics (r.m.) (excerpt)




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