Field Recordings by Johnny Haway in Sardinia

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2 x 9’30’’, total ca. 20′

Fieldrecordings and mixes: Johnny Haway

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This one is is – like our last cassette – a co-edition with Zonoff: a Razoff-production.

Johnny Haway assembled and re-mixed his field recordings he did last year in Sardinia, sounds of (and around) a singing group of faithful bringing back the picture of San Salvatore from a chapel where they all had to flee because of a sudden rain shower to it’s ancestral depository, another old chapel.

And there are also mixes with voices from the ether, and from the island of Sardinia and their inhabitants.

A must have, of course; the cassette is limited to 50 numbered copies.

2 x 9’30’’, total ca. 20′

An excerpt can be heard here.



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