Claire van Lubeek and Crowdpleaser ‘An Infant’s Friend in Sound and Meditation’ – Hot Tap

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a poster (70 x 100 cm, blueback) – a coloring booklet (16 pages) – and a sound project (55 min) by Claire van Lubeek and Crowdpleaser.

In stock (can be backordered)


Poster by Claire van Lubeek (blueback), a 16-pages booklet and a download card for a sound piece by Claire van Lubeek & Crowdpleaser.

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A lullaby, a coloring booklet and a poster of baby’s visualized clear thoughts, inspired by the work of Raymond Scott “Soothing sounds for baby”, this kit accompanies babies through their first meditation and daily sleeping journey.

poster 70 x 100 cm, A5 coloring booklet
Audio file 55min by Claire van Lubeek & Crowdpleaser(W+P), Geneva 2021

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