It Was a Pleasure To Burn

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Artist book by Sabrina Fernández Casas

194 pages, b/w offset
English, 13,2 x 9 cm

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«Literature is the art of building memories and an identity from the otherness.»

This artist book by Sabrina Fernández Casas based on a quotation system the artist developed to classify Farenheit 451’s burned books from three different perspectives: the original story by Ray Bradbury, the film adaptation by François Truffaut and a personal selection of books.

Each title was searched on the facebook book groups and put in relation to their followers (likes). A photo of one of these has been chosen to represent each burned book and has been placed, through the page number, with the first sentence of its original story.

The content in the book is from openly available sources on the internet but questions authorship rights of the images and their accessibility and use.”

Published by activeRat, Genève and Bern 2014


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Flexibound: 194 pages, b/w offset
type of paper: bible paper 45gr
Language: English / Multilingual
ISBN-13: 978-3-9521842-9-5
Product Dimensions: 13,2 x 9 cm

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