Concept, texts and voice by Karl Holmqvist

Newspaper articles, snippets of conversation and pop lyrics form a textual mesh and merge into a variety of forms in dealing with text and its decoding and recoding.
The text sometimes allows the quoted sources to stand out clearly and at other moments concentrates on the original qualities of the language.

Swedish born and Berlin based artist Karl Holmqvist reads his poems in his distinctive lilting monotone way. He unterstands reading poetry as a form of visual art: as a form of invisible visual art, or as a form of Everyman’s visual art. He is interested in poetry as a vehicle for communicating with and between people.

Staircase Mystery – 13:39
The Man Who Sold The World – 02:07
Declare Independence – 06:54
Addition Addiction – 03:58

Cover by Karl Holmqvist

Recorded at Centre d’art contemporain, Genève and in Karl Holmqvist’s studio in Berlin

Laquer cut: Flo Kaufmann

A-Sides/Speckled Toshe 02, and HEAD-Genève, 2020