Nathalie Rebholz – Omnisound

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Square vinyl, 7 x 7 inch , 33 RPM, Single Sided, Limited Edition,  transparent lathe picture disc / app. 6min.

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Nathalie Rebholz – Omnisound

Square vinyl, 7inch square, 33 RPM, Single Sided, Limited Edition,  picture disc / app. 6min.

Nathalie Rebholz melts influences and techniques from the fields of psychedelism, sound poetry, domestic and soft skills, meditation, imagination, hallucination of theory, visions, soundscape, estrangement, experimentations, wait, agency, consciousness, sponged lyrics as well as baroque. All this in a condensed form in a 6 minute sound piece and a visual poetry on the imagedisc, realised on the basis of processed field recordings.


Omnisound (excerpt)




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