Uscire dal Mondo’ was an event with sound performances, an exhibition and the presentation of our two latest joint publications, which we publish with the ‘Institut international sur la radio et la magie’, the IIRRM, which organised the event. They were the latest edition of the ‘Annotations de l’IIRRM’ and the first booklet of the ‘IIRRM ressources’, a series of texts on sound and art by Salomé Voegelin ‘Unperforming the Dream House’.

This took place at àDuplex in Geneva with works by
Simone Aubert
Camilla Baumann
Davide Cascio
Paul Courlet
Diana Deutsch
Mauro Frigeri
Guillaume Fuchs
Pauline Guiffard
Mara Krastina
Julien Maret
Alexandre Mezzorana
Liviu Poenaru
Eleonora Polato
Oliver Scharpf
Salomé Voegelin
Thibault Walter

performances by
Jérémy Chevalier
Jonathan Frigeri
Flo Kaufmann
Daniel Siemaszko

the event was curated and organised by IIRRM/Zonoff