activeRat was founded in 1998 as an independent publisher for digital media based in Bern and Geneva. Initially, we produced interactive CD-ROMs with artists, artistic computer programs and web-art. As time went by, computers and their operating systems changed, and more or less all our productions didn’t work anymore… Our enthusiasm led us to ignore the media-related boundaries: now, we do printed books, cassettes, vinyls, posters, sound- and media works on SD-cards. We do them all with love and we understood that it is this diversity and the physical aspect we appreciate. Most artists work between the realms of sound and fine art.

We are creating and publishing strange and complicated editions and publications with younger & older friends and artists from here & there. Some are distributed in bookshops and art spaces, but you can directly order most of them directly from this site. So, drop by from time to time to see what we have added, or put you on our mailing list. (You can also be in touch via Facebook, but be aware that we are not too active in social media (because we like to control our information flow).
activeRat also distributes editions of other small publishers, labels and friends (and the productions of our sub- and sister-labels).


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rue de Vermont 15
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New Stuff

Ombra Magnetica

This record of Ombra Magnetica – Eleonora Polto (Anita) and Jonathan Frigeri (Johnny Haway), co-edited with Zonoff, goes back to a residency by Eleonora Polato at the Q-O2 in Brussels and a project that she realised there together with Jonathan Frigeri in 2016. Now the vinyl record is available, together with a beautiful text by Julia Eckhardt. [ >>more/order…]

Curious about minds – a series of square vinyl objects

Square Vinyl, 7 *7 inches, 33 RPM, Single Sided, Limited Edition,  Picture Disc / app. 6min.


The Annotations of the IIRRM #01

The IIRRM Annotations, is a journal of Zonoff’s ‘Institut de Recherche sur la Radio et la Magie’, which we edit and publish together with them. It is published twice a year and contains texts and images around questions of magick and radio.

Issue #1 is about conspiracy theories as an artistic form, about fear and how to handle it in a society that still struggles to figure out how it deals with text and code. It also revolves around the simple and, at the same time, very complex question of an existence proof with logic and language.
Texts by Vincenzo Latronico, Laurent Schmid as well as codes and code poems.[more…order]

 You Can’t Buy Me Love – Rudy Kanhye (LP 45 rpm)

Vinyl, 12″, 45 RPM, Single Sided, Limited Edition, 250 copies, coloured pink vinyl

A1    You Can’t Buy Me Love    3:22

The recording is a sonic trace of the performance “You can feel it but you can’t hear it” by the artist Rudy Kanhye.
The performance took place at Sou-Sou #4 at Kino REX, Bern on April 13, 2017; at the invitation of Mathieu Arbez Hermoso. [more…/buy]

Thick Kompakt (Cassette 2 x 28 min)

A radiophonic opera imagined and orchestrated by
Celine Aernoudt, Melanie Akeret, Zoé Aubry, Lorraine Baylac, Angélique Dalla-Torre, Aurélie Dubois, Marc Norbert Hörler, Arttu Palmio, Julie Sando, Bruno Schaub, Laurent Schmid, Sara da Silva Santos, Tristan Thévenoz and Vanessa Urben.

An intergalactic trip played live and broadcast by LapTopRadio from one gee in fog in Chêne-Bourg on September 6, 2018. [more…/buy]

Abacus – Radio Magic, various artists (LP and rainbow screen print)

black Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, a special edition of 250 copies comes with a silkscreen printed by Dasein Studio, Tesserete of a sketch Ugo La Pietra did for the LapTopRadio group, 2018. With: Ergo Phizmiz, Scanner, Delmore fx, Felix Kubin, Jealousy Party,  Johnny Haway.

HEAD-Genève and Razoff – activeRat and Zonoff, 2018 [more…/buy]

A Message to the International Hacker Community – Goodiepal (printed manifesto and audio cassette)

Audiocassette 23 min. 21 sec. with printed leaflet / message by Goodiepal (Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester)
Razoff #04 / 2017 Sound and leaflet by Goodiepal
HEAD – Genève and Razoff
(activeRat and Zonoff), 2018

last projects:

  • straight up

    (printed booklets / paperbacks and sounds on SD cards) by
    Sarah Burger, Ceel Mogami de Haas, Lauren Huret, Laure Marville, Nastasia Meyrat and Yoan Mudry

  • posters

    (inkjet on blueback) by
    Lucas Cantori, Adrien Chevalley, Chloé Delarue, Guillaume Denervaud, Camille Dumond, Thomas Koenig, Maya Rochat

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Most older editions are not listed in the catalogue anymore, since you would need an old computer with an ancient operation system to enjoy the content… Some are still available, we even did some patches to grant access. You may ask us. The items listed here are all in stock.

The following artists contributed in these editions:

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