Downloads – Hot Tap

Hot Tap is a series of projects each consisting of 3 parts: a poster (70 x 100 cm), an A5 booklet with a link to this page and the sound file which you can download here.
With the individual code you can find on the back of the booklet you received with the poster, you can download the corresponding sound file three times. After sending your code, a download link will be displayed instead. If you have any problems with the download (which we hope you won’t), please send us an email to
Below you will find the download sections of the three following sound files (each needs it’s own code):

Gregory Bourrillly – kiss and smile

Recording of a fax machine that prints the hexadecimal code of the image on the poster.

4.9 MB, v. 1.0.1
cc Gregory Bourrilly and activeRat 2021

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Paulo and Lucas Wirz – Presságios

“Presságios” is the plural form of the Portuguese word “presságio”. In English, the word means “presage”:
a presentiment or foreboding.
something that portends or foreshadows a future event; an omen, prognostic, or warning indication.

verb (used with object), pres·aged, pres·ag·ing.
to have a presentiment of.
to portend, foreshow, or foreshadow: The incidents may presage war.

verb (used without object), pres·aged, pres·ag·ing.
to make a prediction.
Archaic. to have a presentiment.

Presságios is a collaboration by:
Paulo Wirz – poster
Lucas Wirz – audio file and booklet photos

697 MB, 62 mins, lossless flac v. 1.0.1
cc Lucas and Paulo Wirz and activeRat 2022

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Claire van Lubeek and Crowdpleaser – An Infant’s Friend in Sound and Meditation

A lullaby, a coloring booklet and a poster of baby’s visualized clear thoughts, inspired by the work of Raymond Scott “Soothing sounds for baby”, this kit accompanies babies through their first meditation and daily sleeping journey. Download here the sound part done by Crowdpleaser.

poster 70×100 cm, A5 coloring booklet
Audio file 55 min (W+P by Claire van Lubeek & Crowdpleaser Geneva 2021)

875 MB, 55:08 mins, v. 1.0.2, high quality 24bit 44.1KHz wav file, mastered by Matthias Heinstein
cc Crowdpleaser and Claire van Lubeek, and activeRat 2022

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