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  • 20 pages, newspaper and mini-tabloid format, comes in three parts. Issue 5a,b,c autumn 2023. In French and Italian.
  • 12 pages, newspaper format. Issue 3, autumn 2023. ‘Maam Kumba Bang: Myth or Legend?’ is a documentary and at the same time a sonorous journey to the mythical figure of Maam Kumba Bang in Saint Louis, Senegal. The newspaper is – like the podcast – a result of the research of Mbaye Diop, Eric Desjeux and Jonathan Frigeri in Senegal. In French.
  • 8 pages, newspaper format. Issue 2, spring 2022 edited by Jonathan Frigeri and Laurent Schmid. With texts by Camilla Bauman and Giordano Rush ‘Gnosis in the Alps‘, and ‘Kenneth Anger et l’abbaye Thelema à Stein‘ by Iris Blum (a translated excerpt of the chapter ‘Kenneth Anger’ of Iris Blum’s book ‘Mächtig Geheim’) In French.
  • The IIRRM Annotations

    CHF 4.00CHF 14.00
    A newspaper of Zonoff's 'Institut de Recherche sur la Radio et la Magie', the 'IIRRM'. Published twice a year and containing texts and images around questions of magic and radio. Alternating in E and or in F. (note that issue #4 comes out after issue #5) 8 pages, newspaper format, edited by Jonathan Frigeri and Laurent Schmid. cc 2021/23, co-published by Zonoff and activeRat
  • 8 pages, newspaper format. Issue 1, autumn 2021 edited by Jonathan Frigeri and Laurent Schmid. With texts by Vincenzo Latronico ‘Thruths out of thin air‘, (first published in the ‘Bulletins of the serving library’ 2014) and ‘FA15E FA15E B1155‘ by Laurent Schmid (2021) In English.
  • Tanomoshi!

    CHF 9.00
    Magazine, 130 pages, 16.6 × 24 cm, full colour. In German, French and English. (partially translated). Bern & Geneva, 2019.
  • Publication on the occasion of an exhibition at Piano Nobile, Geneva 2012. 54 pages, newspaper format


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